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What I bought: MomoCon 2023

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

Now you know your favorite Octomaid did not only go to a con to see other cosplayers and what not....YOU KNOW she had to spend some skrilla on cute anime merch and art!!! And that's just what she did!

It's always a good feeling to go to cons and find merch for all your favorite things. I was so excited to have actually found a Nadeshiko figure! I feel like seeing the cosplayer manifested Yuru Camp [Laid Back Camp] merch just for me!

I promise to be more diligent next time, in keeping all the creators info so I can properly tag them in case you too wanted their goodies. Alas this time, I have failed so I hope you were still able to enjoy looking through all the goodies. If we're lucky, the artist alley dealers may have tagged their names somewhere within their merch!

✨Thank you for reading!✨


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