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What I bought: MomoCon 2023

Hello lovely beings

Now you know your favorite Octomaid did not only go to a con to see other cosplayers and what not....YOU KNOW she had to spend some skrilla on cute anime merch and art!!! And that's just what she did!

It's always a good feeling to go to cons and find merch for all your favorite things. I was so excited to have actually found a Nadeshiko figure! I feel like seeing the cosplayer manifested Yuru Camp [Laid Back Camp] merch just for me!

I promise to be more diligent next time, in keeping all the creators info so I can properly tag them in case you too wanted their goodies. Alas this time, I have failed so I hope you were still able to enjoy looking through all the goodies. If we're lucky, the artist alley dealers may have tagged their names somewhere within their merch!

Thank you for reading!


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