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Mininano Nanoblock: My Hero Academia S1 [Blind bag open + build]

Updated: Jun 3

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

My Hero Academia Vol 1 Single Blind Bag Mininano Building Set

I finally gave in and got myself a My Hero Academia NanoBlock Mystery Pack! Anywhere I've seen them, I've always picked them up and put them right back down. This most recent time, I found them stashed away with the anime goods at my favorite Barnes and Noble. With the wee price of 6.99, it was as good as mine!

This series is contains 6 different nanoblock figures to collect and build. I'm sure I would have been happy with any of the characters available in series one, but I was most hopeful for Deku or All Might ✨.

⬇️Let's find out together⬇️

I got just who I wanted!! And yes, I opened him up and put him together at work! Judge me not for using my time wisely!!! I think the next one I'll get is one of the slightly bigger versions. I like how much detail is visible in that sized Deku more than the bling bag series. All in all, would buy and build again!

✨ 🐙✨

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