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Great Escape Comics + Games [walk thru vid + haul]

Hello lovely beings

With the coming acceptance of allowing myself to be a comic collector, I've grown quite fond of my go to comic shops. Over the weekend, I wanted to venture out and see what other shops look like and see what king of things they had going on. When googling, Great Escape was the one that popped up as the closest. We got started on our little venture, hoping to get lucky and stumble on some really good finds.

"Great Escape Comics and Games is a small business devoted to supplying Comic Books, Board Games, Role Playing Games, Card Games, and Graphic Novels to the fans who love them. We have over 30,000 back issues and get new comics in every Wednesday."

Walk-Thru Video

I wanted all of the Mars Attacks comics, but made a rule that I can't have any until I find a #1 of the 1997 Image series! I did end up copping:

- It's Only Teenage Wasteland #2

- Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #2

- Year Zero Volume 0 #3

- The Approach #2

- Unnatural #6

- Un/Sacred #2

After Feels

We went on a Sunday, so I'm not sure if that's one of their less busy days. Me being the introvert I am, I enjoyed how open and how little other people there were for my first visit. They had many shelves of trades and many a comic long box. There was a "small" [compared to the other shelves] section of manga too. It was enjoyable to make my way around the island of comic boxes, and even found some titles I didn't think I would! I'm not sure how this shop would feel on one of it's busier days, but as far as this first experience, I did enjoy it. I wouldn't replace my other go-to shops with Great Escape, but I'm sure it can be added to my list of one's I like to frequent.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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