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Comics Read: January 2023 ✨

Hello lovely beings

I've been writing down the comics I've read after I read them, so it's less daunting to see the sheer amount I've accumulated over the past four months lol! Here are all the titles that made it to my January read list:

🌟Comic Books🌟

Night Club vol. 1

Door to Door, Night by Night vol. 2

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World vol. 1-2

Nice House on the Lake vol. 1-8

Something is Killing the Children TP vol. 1

The Conjuring: The Lover vol. 2

It's Only Teenage Wasteland vol. 1-2

Refrigerator Full of Heads vol. 6

The Approach vol. 2-3

Gangster Ass Barista vol. 1 [not pictured]

Pentagram of Horror vol. 1-2

Dark Ride vol. 2-3

Me You Love in the Dark TP

Year Zero Volume 0 vol. 1-3

Ten Thousand Black Feathers vol.1

Aggretsuko Out to Lunch vol. 1

A Town Called Terror vol.1

Lovesick vol. 1-3

Happy Horror Days vol. 1

Art Brute vol. 1

Knock 'Em Dead vol. 1

Grim vol. 1

I Hate Fairyland vol. 1

All Against All vol. 1

David Byrne's Cancelled

F*ck This Place vol. 1-2

Nice House on the Lake vol. 9-12

Dark Ride vol. 4

Something is Killing the Children TP vol. 2


Blood on the Tracks vol. 1-2

✨Thank you for watching + reading✨


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