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Current Comic Collection: Oct '22

Updated: Jun 4

The energy in which I have attempted to stay away from the realm of comics and comic collecting. I managed to successfully do so for a good majority of my life. Low and behold, it seems as though I've found myself dating a partner with high interests in the comic community, which has inevitably led me to where I am now...collecting friggen comics and going to gosh darn comic conventions.

I think I started purchasing comics, with the intention of keeping them for myself, around June or July of this year. My main mission is to find the most aesthetically pleasing series that is also quite delightfully spooky at the same time. I know I'm asking for a bit much, but I just know it's out there waiting for me! As we make our way through October, here is where my current collections stands:

Little Red Ronin #1 [read + feel like its predictable so far]

Refrigerater Full of Heads #1-2 [read + like so far]

If you can't tell from the list, in addition to loving all the spooky things [as an innocent bystander of course].....I also love extra cute shizz! The art styles in the cuter comics are leaps and bounds more palatable for lil 'ol me 😅. I tried to include a picture of each one, with only a few slipping through. I intend to pick up a comic box soon, as my collection is growing faster that I thought it would...and my new babies need some good shelter lol. This is the "cutest" one I could find so far. I like it's promises of being moisture and dust proof.

👻Current List Spooky Goodness Suggestions⚰️

Silver Coin and Nice House on the Lake have been suggested the most so far.

[suggester IG account tagged]

@itsninetythree - Nice House on the Lake, Red Room

@alimitdesign - comics by Bernie Wrightson

@ctrl.shift.escape - The Dollhouse Family, MAW,

Nice house on the Lake, Something is killing the Children

@parisalleyne - The Plot, Outcast, Silver Coin

@thaartdon - al Columbia, 1000 Rainbows

@quebishop - Ice Cram Man, Nail biter, Stray Dogs

@blackguydr.research - Crossed, We only find them when

they're dead, Department of Truth

@mack_2656 - American Vampire

@kmn.rdr - Gideon Falls, DC Swamp Thing, Etrigan,

Silver Coin, Something is Killing the Children, Man Thing

@quiet_menace - Something is Killing the Children, House of Slaughter,

Red Room, The Silver Coin, Department of Truth, Bitter Root,

Righteous Thirst for Vengeance, Sandman Nightmare Country,

DC vs Vampires+ DC vs Vampires All Out War,

Far Sector, Tartarus, Excellence

I've completed issues one and two of Refrigerator Full of Heads, and Little Red Ronin so far. The second issue of Refrigerator Full of Heads felt a bit rushed and short. Regardless, the story is interesting enough to keep me wanting to at least finish the full series. Little Red Ronin on the other hand... felt extremely predictable. I'm unsure if I want to continue this series, or not. The art is adorable at least.

The comics I'm reading next are: Revealer, Heartbeat, Wellington, Coady and the Creepies, Slumber, and Afterschool. If I can find an issue one of Nice House on the Lake, I'll add that in to read next before any of the others lol.

I'm very open to suggestions. I know there are a plethora of comics out, so I don't even mind if they're overlapping suggestions either. The repetition will probably help me decide what to put up next in my rotation.

✨Thank you for reading and sharing your recommendations✨


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