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MomoCon 2023 PhotoDUMP ✨

✨Hello lovely beings✨

Yes, it's many months later. Hear me out! My job is exhausting lol!

Momocon 2023 was not only an opportunity for my partner and I to do our first Couple Cosplays, but it was also the weekend of my 31st Birthday. So it was extra special for both of us.

This was our Line-up Plan

The only thing that changed about our scheduled line-up is that we didn't do IT and Georgie. We didn't end up attending on Sunday [IT and G's day], so we stuck to our first two days plans.

Afro-Rave Harley + The Joker

Afro Gender-bent Deku + Mexican Overhaul

Do not ask why I kept doing the AOT scout pose automatically lol!

✨Thank you for reading!✨


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