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Artist Spotlight: Cocochoon [1st order 🎉 ]

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

Time to spotlight another artist who has won over my pockets, Cocochoon !

Look at these chubby babies! Who doesn't love them some little chonk chonks? Boring people, that's who! I got a handful of their stickers, for journaling and decoration purposes. The bunnies portraying adult emotions oh so well 🥹. I hope they restock the Spiderverse sticker sheets in the future, so I can snag that up with a quickness! I thought the MiGarfield 2099 was the perfect little addition to my partner's collection. He did indeed love it 🥰 ✨. All in all, every pick was a winner!

⬇️ Lil' openin' video ⬇️

It's hard to try and pick out a favorite, but I think the lil mood bunny sticker along with seeing my partner's expression upon receiving his MiGarfield made for my favorite pieces from this order [and pochita, and garfield!!]!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


-Future TO GET Items-

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