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Artist Spotlight: ✨

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

Look at this ridiculously adorable artist I stumbled upon! It didn't help my resistance that stuffs was on sale! Let's look at the acquired loot while giving props to an artist!

I wanna write "anxiety" on kuromi's belly so bad! When she arrived I promptly put her on my journal and wrote exactly what I wanted, right on her belly lol!

I am a sucker for a cute bunny item, which is almost the theme of this spotlight 😅. This little grumpy cutie was to be retired, so super discounted, only adding to it's need to be in my cart!

Speaking of love-of-cute-bunnies....look at this blushing bunny berry! She looks so shy and adorable 🥰. Into the cart she went!


Look...I couldn't leave this lil sticker sheet here when all her bunny friends would be coming home with me! I never added anything to a cart faster! Again, it is a mini sticker sheet, making them perfect little planner stickers.

My obsession with cute bunnies was also accompanied by my love for super cute enamel pins! Look at this lil wounded heart 🥹. I know your pain lil heart! They'll have a very comfy home pinned to one of my daily-bags 💕!

I know Sinnin has been working on making designs for the little [cute af] rooms she designs, and I'm really excited to see what else she comes out with next!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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