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Artist Spotlight: Whimsicute ✨

Updated: Jun 3

✨Hello lovely beings✨

This week's Artist Spotlight comes from the Phillipines! I've always wanted to order from Chichilittle's adorable stationery shop, Whimsicute. Luckily for me, they hosted a sale during Black Friday. I've always been a moment too late during their earlier sales, so I was beyond happy to finally make it 🥹!!

The postal service tried their darnedest to make a chica cry, but luckily for me [and them 🔥!!], Chichi packed it with enough love and care to get the contents to me in one piece! Nothing of the goods were damaged, and the only visible damage seemed to be done to the packaging and the extra card backing she included to provide package sturdiness. It was excrutiatingly hard not to buy one of everything in store, but still think I got a nice amount of sticker sheets and flakes!

Here are some of the goodies sorted. She even included in a little baggie of freebies! Included were some sheets and other stickers. Luckily for me, there was even a sticker included [the swim park girl] I really wanted but decided not to buy. #Win

I used one of the memo stickers, and all of the cute bits and bobs from the packaging, for a 'Happy Mail" journal entry. I can't wait to use them all throughout my journal, and have already started adding some from the "silly seals" sheet to my most recent entries.

I already want to go back and order more 🥹

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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