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Everything Read in February 📚✨

✨Hello lovely beings ✨

All the things I read in February!

Late...but we aren't going to focus on that!!

Let's dig into what was read throughout February instead!!

There were a good bit of titles I didn't think I'd like initially, but still decided to give a chance for Feb. Invasive and Animal Pound being two that ended up being really good at keeping my attention. A Haunted girl was also one that "didn't want to get into initially" list, but as you'll see how that ends up below [see gave up on section lol 😅]. Moon Man, being worked on by Kid Cudi, I'm having semi high hopes for it being at least aesthetically pleasing if the story doesn't end up fully grabbing me.

I am officially giving up on Crave! I know I've made it all the way to issue 3.. but I don't care how it's going to end! The fact that I feel like the "students" are high schoolers is too much for me lol! I know they keep using terms like "campus", but it's giving univeristy in UK, meaning they may not even be 18 yet. I'm gucci on that LOL! Also putting A Haunted Girl in the give-up bin. It's gotten a bit slow, and a little too juvenile for what I look for in horror. It gives me The Closet vibes so far, and I was so upset at the end of reading The Closet! I think it's a short one too I may pick it back up just to finish it.

Look, you know me. I love me a good spooky comic! What I don't love is when comics drag out the storyline, especially with them already being so thin to begin with. I, very personally, feel like at least 5 of these issues could have been consolidated down to three 😅.

I so did not want to like Drive Like Hell, but let me tell ended up being good! The story was just different enough that by issue two I needed to see what was going to happen next! Harrower was a bit more predictable [especially if you pay attention to thangs lol!], but still happy I could find it on a local shelf to finish. Swan Songs ended up being mighty artistic with it's horror, which I did not hate. All three are pretty short series making them quite easy to pick up and finish, especially in trade form.

There are a good handful of titles I'm looking forward to in March, but the series I'm most excited to focus getting caught up on is one thousand percent Dan Da Dan!! I love it, absolutely and already! I want to get as much read before the anime is released in October!

What have you been reading lately?

✨Thank you for reading✨


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