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National Comic Book Day 2022

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Happy National Comic Book Day, a day to honor and appreciate the vast array of comics at our disposal. Let's enjoy all things comic related.

Not to be confused with FREE comic book day, which is usually the first Saturday in May. I tried my absolute darnedest to stay away from the realm of comic collecting. The most I'd do is get my dad a handful of things I thought he'd like from time to time, but stayed to Japanese manga for myself. I'm not a fan of how sharp and square of most comic artwork either, so it's hard for me to sit still long enough to read any. Don't even get me started on variants!

But alas, I find myself diving into the realm of comic books once again. I have dreams of finding the perfect spooky comic to keep me entertained. My partner and I have also been hoarding comics we think we can put into those little book houses. Gotta get the kiddies back into comics. Keep the comic alive!

8 Comic Questions

All time favorite comic book villain?

I bet you thought the first question would be favorite comic book hero, didn't you? Well, I don't really have a favorite hero. It's not that I'm on the team for evil, just more so on the side of none of them standing out to me. Now to answer the actual question. My all time favorite villain would have to be Venom. I don't know why, but I think he's darn adorable lol! The live action movies just added to his preciousness lol.

First Comic ever read?

If we're leaving manga out of the category, then my first comic was an Archie Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic. Number 62 to be exact. Which I remember fondly since I was just getting into the book reading. My dad saw my interest in nerd culture, and wanted to take me to my first comic book store. How I ended up finding the perfect one, with manga style, is beyond me 🤣!

Last Comic read?

Little Red Ronin Vol 1, was the most recent comic I read to completion. The artwork is very adorable, probably the main reason I picked it out. The storyline for the first issue is a little predictable so far, but still pretty decent. I'm going to give the second issue a read before I decided if I'm going to continue with the full series or give it up early. I also adore the artwork on this specific cover. I at least want to find out if Little Red's grandma was the only person who knew the truth, or if she's just a crazy old lady like everyone else in town thinks.

Most recent comic purchased?

I'm literally always on the search for spooky comics, as I love scaring myself as an innocent bystander. I found these two gems at a vendor at the local antique mall. Zombie War #1 and Zombie World - Home for the Holidays one shot. I'm not the biggest fan of zombies [I do not enjoy dead things, especially when they get to reanimate], but I have some hope that these will be decent. I'm very excited that one is a one shot, which means I don't have to go searching for the rest of the series.

Update: After I wrote this paragraph....I went back to the comic book store 😅. Can't allow myself to live the lie of zombie comics being the latest and greatest additions.

I learned from previous habits though, and looked 'em up after picking them off based on the cover. Unnatural Blue Bloods was actually an accidental due to me thinking it was the original Unnatural series 😅.

Comic picked up solely based off the cover?

Majority of the comics I pick up are based on the cover. I usually never research before heading to a comic book store lol. Ms Marvel and Venom #1, Peach Momoko cover was picked out solely for how cool the cover looked. Peach Momoko's covers have been making me pause and admire the last few times I've come across them. My partner actually got it for me since he noticed I showed interest. Judge me not, but I almost have no intentions of actually reading comic.

What's stopping you from being fully into Comics?

I'm quite strict with what I force my eyes to endure. The art style most commonly used in comic books is forever too harsh for my eyes. I'm most aesthetic pleased when characters are drawn with smoother, rounder angles. The jaggedness thats found in most comic books' artwork is just too much for me personally. The dialogue is more in depth it seems than manga as well. So that paired with the art boxy art style ends up distracting me mentally. I, often, have to go back and reread pages I just read 😅. I'm not giving up though!!

Favorite Manga series?

We're just gonna slide this in here real quick because why not? It's a hard thing to choose, but I Am A Hero may take the current cake. This is only if I'm allowed to choose just one. The art style is quite aesthetically pleasing, and the vividness of the graphic zombie moments are just executed so well. It leaves you [or is it just me 😅?] with a good sense of discomfort. It's also a long read, which was nice to put down and know I had something good to come back to. Just a heads up...I am not a fan of how they ended it.

What's on your Comic Book Wishlist?

Just a wee smorgeshborg of comics I'd like added to my collection. Whether my want is based solely on the cover or the contents within doesn't matter lol! Do not hesitate to suggest a title if you think it'd be something good I'd be able to get into.

Whether you broke out your old comics, purchased a new graphic novel, or winded down and watched some anime, I hope you had a splendid comic book day however you spent it.

✨Thank you for reading✨


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