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Halloween Comic Fest '22

Hello lovely beings

Did someone say Halloween-comic-fest? Were you aware that certain comic book shops do a Comic Festival during the Halloween season? Dr No's is over here tempting my interests yet again. Not only are they creating a space for costume lovers to be in costume out and about, but they've also tempted us with the promise of free halloween themed comics! How could I resist?

The Halloween Comic Fest website is also giving you the option of enjoying the event virtually. They give you a weekly set of halloween comic picks [about 5], to download and read digitally from anywhere. In addition to the digital comics, they're also plenty of articles to read on interviews with creators, and cosplayer profiles for the whole month of October.

Dr. No's Halloween Comic Fest - October 22, 2022

My partner had a live-stream show they had to do prior and I had a handful of personal errands do to, so we ended up going to Dr. No's about an hour before they closed. Which worked out perfectly for me, especially since I hadn't received my costume in the mail just yet. I know I would have been a little salty to not be able to dress up with my fellow nerds. The energy was quite mellow by the time we pulled up, and we set out to peek at a couple comics. I was trying to stay good and not pick up too many new ones. I focused on adding to the ones I'm already reading.

Freeee Comic Picks

Out of the free Trick or Read comics that were available, I ended up going with Strange Academy #1, MoonGirl & Devil Dinosaur #1, and Tales from the Crypt #5 - Yabba Dabba Voodoo. How could there be a more perfect title? I also have the Parasyte Trick or Read comic that I'd gotten in bulk, earlier this month.

Other Picks

Issues three and four of Refrigerator full of Heads, and issue two of Heartbeat. Chainsaw man volume two was a gift, picked out by my delightful partner. Look at him knowing his girl 💖 . I'm quite proud of myself for walking out with under 5 things, as I usually end up with 10+ random comics lol!

Even though I'm a wee introvert, the event was still an enjoyable experience. It does help that the workers at Dr. No's are extremely welcoming as well. I'm excited for whatever the next comic holiday may be. You can still join the digital Halloween Comic Fest countdown online. There are plenty of spoopy comics that you can download and read at home, and other fun interactive spooky season themed posts.

✨🎃Thank you for reading 🎃✨


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