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Atlanta Comic Convention 2022

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Hello lovely beings.

I know this event has the word convention in it, but I would like to preface this by saying it was more of a smaller gathering of like-minded individuals. A mini-con if you will. I've only ever been to the bigger anime cons, so this was something newer to me. Now that I got that out of the way, here's my experience at the 2022 Atlanta comic convention.

Entry was a smooth $5. The perfect amount to get you into the convention, and then spend all your money on fat stacks of comics once inside lol. With it being a smaller gathering of people, I felt more cramped since the space allotted for the dealers didn't seem to be large enough for the amount of people who wanted to peruse their wares. My anxiety was peeked almost instantly. Once we got into the actual area where the comic sellers were, I eased up a teeny bit while my partner took the lead. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I am small, and once I saw there was an opening at a stand, I was able to wriggle my way in to peek at the boxes I actually wanted to look through.

The small amount of pics my anxiety allowed me to take ✨

There were two precious children dressed up while I was there. One lil dude dressed up as an Assassin's Creed character, and another one dressed in their Hogwarts house attire. The second kid made eye contact with me and smiled, so I made sure to tell them that I loved their outfit. It's the little things that can make someone's day!

An idea of the size, and space. Was too anxious to record much more than this snippet 😅.

I think I made it out of there with some real bangers, and for the low. I stuck to the BOGO boxes that were already marked $3, and the $1 boxes. I think I spent a total of $24 and walked out with 15 or so comics. There were many a person with stacks of printed out lists of what they were looking for. I was only hoping to find some good horror comics, and maybe one or two cool ones for my pops and partner...even though my partner accompanied me lol. Speaking of, he made out pretty well too. He mainly wanted to trade the comic he picked up from Colorado [[[insert comic name]]], which he did, and find some Heavy Metal Batman comics, which he did. A whole stack of number ones at that!

The next small-ish comic con will be held here in the beginning of December, and we also picked up a couple flyers for others happening early this 2023.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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