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Image Comics 30th Anniversary x Spawn

Hello lovely beings

Image comics is celebrating its 30th anniversary by teaming Spawn up with some of its biggest characters, to bring us some sick cover variants this December.

"Over the years, Image Comics transitioned from superheroes only to publishing some of the most innovative and challenging creator-owned material on the stands; while titles have come and gone, Spawn continues on, and will be getting nearly 50 variant covers across the entire Image line this December."

Image unveiled 20 of the 50 cover variants that will be released in December, pairing Spawn with series like Eight Billion Genies, Ice Cream Man, The Walking Dead, Hitomi, and more. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to buy all 50 covers, but a good bit of them are screaming that they need to be a part of my collection 😅.

"Please, Star. Please add us to your growing collection"

Don't worry my sweet Spawn babies, I'll get you yet!

If Image's variant covers weren't enough to tug at your wallet chain, DC also has Spawn teaming up with some of their heroes and antiheroes for some December cover variant releases too.

All covers should be available for pre-order on Golden Apple Comics, and I'm sure your local comic shop. Which variants are a must for you and your collection?

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