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Syndicate Comics + Collectibles FlashSale Haul

Hello lovely beings

If you're here from IG, you already got a taste of that which was my Flash Sale Haul from Syndicate comics. If you're here, then you'll see the full bulk that was my Flash Sale Haul from Syndicate comics 😂. Let's dive right into it, shall we?

They honestly knew what they were doing when they decided to post these alluring stories. My partner and I did attempt to resist, at first. As the day went on....we wound up right in Syndicate's clutches!

We made it over around 3:30pm, which gave us about 3 hours before they closed for the day. I was going to look at the figures first, but made an executive decision to b-line straight for the comic boxes. I do believe I successfully thumbed through every box before landing on the 25 [yep fricken 25] comics I left with. Hey, I did end up putting one back!

✨ The Spoils ✨

*internal screams of painful joy*

I am quite excited to say the least. Finally got my grubby 'lil fingers on 1+2 of Sweet Paprika, a couple of follower suggested comics, and some additions to series I'm working on finishing reading. The peak find was this Trailer Park Boys comic! I get so easily amazed when I see tv shows or movies I enjoy being portrayed in comic form. The way they set it up was very well done, and I was cackling out loud while I was reading.

She didn't just think of herself, though! Since the figures were included i the sale, and I had no need for any to be added to my collection, I said if that Iron Man was still there [and boxed] that I'd finally pick him up for my pops. I hadn't seen him until the last minute, tucked under some other large boxed figures. I scooped him on up, and added him to my ticket [which was under $50 with the 30% off!!!]. I also finally picked up one of their logo stickers to add to my journal, and one of the free comics from a local artist.

We did round off our trip at our other usual comic shop, Dr. No's, where I allowed myself to have another volume of Chainsaw man and this button I'm saying is Foxy Brown. Now that I look at her again, she slick looks like the chick from Heaven's Rejects?

She walked out with a plethora of goods, and still remained under $130 in total with tax included 💥! Putting these bad boys away has almost completely filled my precious little comic box up. Just means it's time to add a new one!

Have your comic shops, or emails been threatening you with good deals too? Share 😂!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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