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Golden Apple Comics [Review+Haul]

Hello lovely beings

This order was a long time coming, but it is finally here!

Being the lil comic novice I was in 2022 [and still am], I was stumbling on random comic e-commerce sites every time I went to research a new title of interest. GoldenApple was actually one of the earlier ones I stumbled on.

The only reason they're getting such a late review, is that I had no concept of how comic ordering actually worked 😅. I paid no attention to release dates, and filled my cart all willy nilly before placing my order. It wasn't til after I already paid did I realize that the latest release date was early December, so none of my ordering was actually on the way any time soon 😅.

-The Order-

There are a handful of not pictured titles that were ordered, due to them being for my partner and him already picking them up lol. For a beginner, using Golden Apple was both helpful with also not being super great for a beginner [like myself]. Like I said, I had no clue of release dates. We'd ended up forgetting what we actually ordered, and was waiting to receive. That led us to accidentally picking up local copies of some of the comics we were waiting on. I contacted Golden Apple customer service, and they allowed me to receive a credit for a couple of the titles we doubled up on as a one time courtesy. They make sure you know the rules of ordering by having you check a box prior to ordering. I let them know I was super new to this, so they allowed it. Plus I added on some different titles, so it worked out in the end!

Once shipped, my order arrived quite quickly and in careful packaging. Their pricing per comic seems regular retail, and shipping isn't too too much, especially with bag and boards seeming to be included with every comic purchase. They seem to host sales from time to time, and as long as you pay attention to release dates [unlike moi] I think Golden Apple Comics is a good store to have in your comic pocket!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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