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Snackkum Run: Austell Farmer's Market

Hello lovely beings

I'm not sure if it's just in my mother's and mine vocabulary, but we like to go on "snackkum runs" just to load up on random snacks. I'm sure we aren't the only ones to do this action, we just may be the only ones to use this silly name for it lol. We hit up the Austell Farmer's Market for our most recent snakkum run.

-The Goods-


InoTea Matcha Bubble Tea + Meiji Matcha Hello Panda

-Crunch & Munch-

Lotte Milk Tea Choco Pie + Orion Marine Boy + Greenland Nori Seaweed Balls


Tapatio Extra Spicy Ramen + [[[]]]] + Sriracha Spicy Chicken + Buldak Spicy Chicken Carbonara + Buldak Spicy Quattro Cheese + Mi Lau Thai Chay Vegetarian Tom Yum

-Trying Sriracha Spicy Chicken-

So far, mother and I have devoured all the Marine Boys [they're legit my fav snack], and I've eaten a handful of the choco pies 😅. We've had the InoTea Matcha Bubble tea before, and I gave the Sriracha ramen a try first. I tried it first due to me knowing that I am not a fan of the flavor of Sriracha. I picked it up mainly for it's promise to be spicy... After waiting their alotted sit time, my noodles ended up still being a little on the spongey side. I even added in a boiled egg for extra flare. The flavor wasn't my favorite and the texture of the noodles didn't help, but my mom ended up enjoying them. Probably wont purchase this one again for myself 😅. IF I DO, I may attempt the spicy beef flavor.

What are some of your favorite random snacks to pick up on snack runs?

✨ Thank you for reading ✨

[if you end up using snakkums regularly, you owe me a virtual hug]


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