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Seven Things: 4/52 ✨

Hello lovely beings

It looks like I skipped a week 😅, but we don't have to linger too much on that lol!

Photo Dump

Still staying strong on eating no animal products. I did have a meat day over the weekend [to try a new restaurant], but am right back to veggies, fruits, and grains! Does anyone know what's doing on with the Ninja Turtles collaborating with all these other entities? I've now seen a Stranger Things AND a Naruto collaboration. I am the confused!



Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of Terror was decent to have playing in the background. Junji is known to make you feel disturbed and perturbed. This little collection of stories did just that. Though some of them weren't able to fully keep my attention, enough of them were spooky enough to keep me watching all 12 episodes lol. I also tried my darnedest to watch One Piece again....started from the beginning...and got to like episode 38 of season 1....but it hardly kept my attention, and I only looked up a handful of times 😅. I hardly know whats going on other that pirates lol..


With mom juicing all of the things, I decided to use the "pulp" and make a bruschetta like spread. I've never made a spread or anything like this before, but it still ended up coming out delicious! We've already happily had it on toast, as a topping for veggie dishes, and in wraps. SO GOOD!


Out and About

Finally, [FINALLY] I have a partner that is excited to do the things I mention I want to do 😭✨! Even though it's still winter and quite chilly outside, we made our way to the local Botanical Gardens!!

Comics Read

I didn't get much reading in, but did still get a couple [literally] titles finished 😅.

⭐️ Manga: Blood On the Tracks vol. 1-2

⭐️ Something is Killing the Children Trade Paperback vol. 2

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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