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Mercury Retrograde in Libra 🔮☿️✨

September 27th brought on our third [and final 😅] Mercury retrograde of 2021. During this time, we usually hear a number of people bringing up the fact that "everything's going wrong" in their worlds. It's possibly the most blamed event for a multitude of misunderstandings. If you feel yourself highly affected this retrograde, at least it will be over on October 18.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

- anything to do with communication [not just electronically]

- increase the possibility of intellectual power struggles and verbal confrontation

- highlights the need to reconsider and rebuild our relationship with our mind

All in all, there is no need to work ourselves up with being fearful. Look at it as a time to slow down and reflect on the areas that aren't quite working right. BUT don't let it sway you from starting anything new during this time of retrograde. Let it guide us into being more thorough, and ensure to double and triple check things that especially have to do with communication.

@sanctuarywrld [IG] posted a Mercury Retrograde Challenge to help keep us sane, grounded, and focused on our growth during this retrograde.

I've gotten my work inbox down to zero, and am working to getting my personal emails on the same wave. Though being behind, I did successfully cleaned piles of clutter for 9/28 [today]. Don't forget to give yourself some grace if you don't end up checking every box!

Self forgiveness, we're still human. Be patient with ourselves and others.

Better communication, listening, and boundary setting are in our horizons

-Thank you for reading-


Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Clear Quartz mental clarity

Black Tourmaline rid stress + anxiety

Amazonite speak clearly

Amethyst stay clam + peaceful

Labrodorite help see what's hidden

Hematite grounding

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