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Eats this Week : J's Mini Hot Pot Deluxe 🍲

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hello lovely beings✨

This weekend, I had a food-mission outing with a friend [@luna_aura] of mine to indulge in some delicious hot pot! She'd never been, and it'd been quite some time since I'd ventured to my favorite hot pot spot, J's Mini Hot Pot Deluxe. What better time than the beginning of fall to scarf down a nice hot savory dish.

I ordered lamb with a spicy veggie broth, side order of peeled shrimp, and crab stick. Luna picked out the pork belly with a miso broth. Every order comes with a side of noodles, an assortment of veggies, and an egg. There's also a seasoning bar that you can collect more ingredients and sauces to add the finishing touches on your perfect dish!

Our broth and side veggies came out first, so we could get them warmed up and ready for the meats. The veggies included some spinach, cabbage, potato, carrot, sliced sausage, various mushrooms and roots. I also ordered a Strawberry Smoothie to enjoy on the side. The flavor was pure strawberry goodness, so I know they had to make it fresh! As for my hot pot, I slowly added the vegetables I liked and bits of lamb. I put in the shrimp and crab sticks last at random times. I think the lamb and the crab stick soaked up my broth flavors the best, so they were my favorite bits to gobble up! By the time that we finally allowed ourselves to stop was beyond difficult to inhale let alone breathe 😅. Do I really need to tell you that I recommend you go try this place for yourself?

-The Outfit-

Top: Forever21 [Thrifted]

Dress: Fabrik [Thrifted]

Stockings: Romwe

Shoes: Nike

-Thank you for Reading-


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