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Shein Try-on Haul [links+video]

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

The seasons changed, so of course I felt the need to do a lil clothing shopping.

Size: M

This here yellow-jumpsuit was the sole purpose for my order...but of course I couldn't just buy one item 😅.

You may be wondering what I needed a yellow jumpsuit for, right? Well, I wanted to cosplay Shorty [Killer Klowns from Outer Space] and am no fan of the costumes available lol! If all else fails, I could always be April O'neal ✨

Size: M[6]

The dress is obviously the staple piece here, and the accessories were added to compliment it. Which I think I did a very good job with lol. The dress fits like a glove, and is quite comfortable. The teeth suck though. Absolutely, 100%, or maybe it's user error....they still suck lol! I look like an Oni!

Size: S[4]

Literally all tops are to help me be Medieval Deku, lol! And the bottoms caught my eye while I was finalizing my order. Perfect find!

Size: S[4]

I want cute and layered to by my style for this chilly season, so I've had my sights set on long comfy, layer-able dresses and layer-able skirts. This dress is so soft, and is quite cozy. Would definitely recommend to my long dress loving humans ✨

Size: S[4]

Along with the Khaki flared pair, I decided the green version needed to be mine too! They literally did not disappoint 😊! I feel like you can never go wrong with a cute little tank. Can be worn on it's own, or layered in the chillier months for sure.

Size: S[4]

Though the dress ended up being a lil tighter than expected, it's still quite the cute piece. I am still excited to pull it out when it get's chillier. As for the belts....they look super cool 😅, but I' def gonna need more time to figure then out!

The only negative I have from this order is...those dang fangs lol! Maybe if I actually read on how to use them I'll end up liking them, but for now they are the bane of this order, lol.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


Bonus: try-on video ✨

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