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Orion Sun Fangirl Merch Unboxing

Hello lovely beings

My package hath arrived!

Back in early October, my partner and I attended my favorite concert of 2022 [probably fav concert I've gone to thus far]. Remi Wolf's Gwingle Gwongle tour, with Orion Sun headlining. I adore them both, but was most excited to see Orion do her thang. I got to pick out some cute Remi Wolf souvenir merch afterwards, but sadly there were no Orion Sun merch available at the time.

So I took to the interwebs! I think Orion may have had a link directly to her merchtable somewhere in her linktree on IG, but I also felt like it took some digging for me to actually find it lol. Anyways, I made an account and quickly picked the Hold Space for Me Bundle set.

The way my chest tingles when I hear Orion Sun's beautiful voice. Sheesh, not one song ain't a banger! As you can see, I'm quite the chipper chipmunk. I'm excited for her to start touring again. I'm hoping I'll have the chance to get something signed in person!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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