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Labor Day Manga Buys ✨

Hello lovely beings

You know how the US likes to team up with National holidays and devise ways to make their citizens spend their money, right? Well Labor Day just passed, and I [a person who loves shopping] took straight to the interwebs to see what online deals I could take part in 😅.

Since I've actually been reading the manga and comics I've been purchasing [and yes, I am purchasing faster than I read lol but still!], I decided to treat myself to some new manga titles. Some of them were things I'd been thinking about starting to read, and others are continuations in titles I'm currently reading. I feel like I definitely ended up with some really good gets!


-RightStuf Anime-

If you are also overcome with a love for shopping deals, I hope you were able to snag some good ish too!

✨ Thanks for reading ✨


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