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2-Day Colorado Springs Weekend Adventure

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

At the end of August, I was able to take a mini weekend trip to Colorado Springs. I'd first visited back in May, right before my birthday, and loved it! I even made a friend while down there, which turned my possible solo trip into way more fun that I initially planned. I gave myself some time to save back up some money, and planned my swift return.

💢 The Bad 💢

This go 'round, I felt I had many obstacles to get over just to get there. Due to added work+life stress, my dyshidrotic eczema flared up around my legs, which made it not so easy to get around for a good bit of days before my flight. The day of my flight, was when the real fun began. There was a bit of a mix up with my ride to the airport, my flight, kept getting pushed back, and I ended up arriving in Colorado at 2am [5am my time back home, talk about sleepyhead], and when I did finally arrive, my phone ended up falling in the toilet and I had to spend even more time getting that sanitized and back usable *hard sigh*.

The Good

When I did finally arrive, the friend I'd made the first visit was there waiting for me. She welcomed me to smoke what she'd already shopped for, relaxed, and I ended up knocking out not too long after. I'd brought comfy clothing and stocked up on bandages in case my legs flared back up, and we headed out on many random adventures. We visited the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade, went on a Mineral Springs self-guided tour, tried a new restaurant, got a little shopping in, and visited dispensary after dispensary.

🛍️ The Souvenirs 🛍️

We ended up visiting three different recreational dispensaries including, Rocky Mountain Blaze, Maggie Farms, and Emerald Fields. When we were on our Natural Spring scavenger hunt, we also stopped at a handful of different shops. I picked out many 420 friendly goodies, various kinds of jerky, and some comfy a** pants.

Even though I had a wee bit of difficulty in the beginning, I wont let those hiccups deter me from continuing to go on more adventures in the future✨.

Thank you for reading


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