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What'd she buy now: Junji Ito Collection Figural Bag Clip

Hello lovely beings

During Black Friday shopping, I picked up four figural blind bag clips from the series one of Junji Ito's collection from 2nd & Charles. It wasn't something included in their sales for the day, but I'd hadn't seem them elsewhere before. Upon further research, it also looks like there's a different set of series one bag clips with the possibility of picking a completely different Tomie.

Must get my hands on those too 🤔, in the meantime, please enjoy opening these four baggies with me!

I hoped to get Souchi and Yuko this round, but I'm still happy with all I ended up with. I will definitely be going back so I can attempt to pull a Souchi and Yuko....THE HUNT CONTINUES!

-Who I pulled this round-

Tomie + Tomie [painter] + Sad Boy + Miss Fuchi

✨ Thank you for watching + reading ✨


🌸 Creepy Cuties 🌸

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