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What'd she buy now - H&M Edition

Hello lovely beings

The south has proved to be fighting Fall temperatures, ever since the season started. I'm still choosing to fight the good fight, by picking up a couple of pieces for layering. Hopefully it will help to prepare me for cooler weather, and maybe even satisfy my teen mori-girl aesthetic aspirations. Here are the bits that made it to my H&M cart.

Though this dress seems light and the open back did give me some pause, but the jersey material makes me feel like it will still be a good piece to use for layering. I'm surprised I wasn't bothered by the v-neck cut, as I'm usually not a fan.


It looks like I was attracted to jersey dresses this shopping trip. I do fear for the lightness in color of this dress, and hope that it isn't the type to attract spillage and stains 😅. Other than those wee fears, I like the flowy-ness of it, especially coupled with the sleeveless dress.

[size: s]

She is a staggering 5'2, which means that though these leggings fit nice and snug...the length is a touch too long. I have high hopes that the length wont pose a problem when it actually comes down to wearing them.


Are you ready for the coming cooler weather?

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


Did I mention how flowy

the button-down is?!

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