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What'd she buy now: Black Friday Shopping Haul

Hello lovely beings

You known the drill by now! We had a discount riddled "shopping holiday", so we all know our local Octomaid named Starfish had to take part. I didn't feel like this year's Black Friday shopping would be all that hectic due to companies not really presenting us with the best deals. I was correct, or at least me sticking to shopping at comic and book shops kept me away from any crazy crowds!

Dr. No's offered buy two get one free on all pops, buy five trade paper/hardbacks get one free, buy three get one free boardgames [b4g1 free on magic the gathering], buy one get two free on red tagged games, buy 1 get 2 free on $1 comics, and 25% off of posters. I ended up picking up three reg. priced comics [lovesick, mercy, un/sacred], and a butt-ton of comics from the $1 boxes ✨ I didn't remember it being so hard to dig through those dollar boxes, but boy did I feel short af this time!

Next stop was the Cobb Antique Mall, but specifically Syndicate comics + collectibles. Syndicate mirrored the sale they held earlier this month, which was no problem to me. I ended up finally snagging that dang The Marked I kept my eyes on. I also got my hands on some issues to further current series I'm reading [Last book you'll ever read + 30 days of night], and a new spooky looking hopeful that goes by the name of Monster & Madman. Oh! I also picked up this issue of Red Room: The Antisocial Network for my partner, since he doesn't seem to have this cover in his collection yet.

Venturing deeper into the antique mall itself, I found an adorable set of chibi character stickers for myself, and a couple toys for my loved ones' collections.

Lastly, we ended our adventure at 2nd and Charles. I really don't remember what deals they offered, since I don't think anything I got fell under the sales. I'd never had a reason to look through their comics before, but as you can see... I spent some time fingering through them this time. My partner and I ended up finding soooo many good comics for both of our collections!

I also picked took a good bit of time looking through their manga collection, and picked out 4 different series. I initially thought the #2-3 of magical girl raising project were from the original series. Upon further expection...they're from the Restart series instead 😅. I'd also never seen this cute Blind Date with a Book section before, and ended up picking one that sounded good out.

Though the Junji Ito figural bag clips weren't apart of the toy sale that 2nd & Charles had going on, I still felt the need to keep the four I picked. The last thing I picked out was at the register. I decided to donate a manga to the children 2nd&Charles was collecting donations for. The manga I chose was called Shonen Note: Boy Soprano 1 because it looked safe enough for the kiddos.

-Online Gets-

A lovely follower on instagram [@12shearer12] wanted to send some funds for me to use on the Build-A-Bear workshop website. Noticing they had BF sales going on early, I took straight to the Animal Crossing collection.

I picked out the most precious of K.K.'s along with some precious clothing bits and accessories. Sadly, I was sent a K.K. with the opening theme song for the Animal Crossing game instead of the K.K. disco sound I initially picked BUT they are working on having the right one sent to a store for me to switch him out with.

Toms was offering pre-black Friday deals, which was perfect as I planned to get a couple pairs for my partner's mom. As you can see, they had deeeeeep discounts on their slippers 😂. I picked out two pairs for my partner's mom [grey lola + grey mallow fluff], a pair for my mom [pink mallow fluff], and a pair for myself [black mallow fluff]. I've never owned a pair of Toms, but after trying on my slippers have opened my eyes to why others like them so much. Though I thought they'd be stuff from the sturdiness of the slipper, but they are surprisingly quite comfy. Gives me high hopes that the mothers will enjoy them as well!

We almost made a stop at the mall, but decided against it due to the absolutely packed parking lot. I'm happy we did because we had very calm and positive shopping experiences. I'm sure being around that many people would have fueled my frustrations.

Did you end up doing any Black Friday shopping? How many killer deals did you end up snagging?

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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