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What'd she buy now - ASOS Edition

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Being the clothing addict that I am, I was not supposed to be spending any further moola on clothes for the time being. I told myself that I had enough! I put full blame on ASOS for sending me emails, offering me an additional 50% off of their sales bits and bobs. How could I have refused!? I couldn't 😂

I know the amount of bags shown wont reflect the pieces being shown below. This is due to some of the items being for gift giving, and I need prying eyes to not see things before Christmas ✨ Moving right along, since the chilly season is well on it's way, I kept my focus on cozy-layer-able-comfy-cute coords. Think, sweaters and comfortable thick things.

why she giving very much kubrik stare 😅 - a wee bit smaller than the brown, but still cute

Cute for my poof, but even cute with twists

super soft - super light - super cute

extra super soft - extra super comfy - extra super cute

The most comfortable pair of leggings I've ever owned! I've already worn these oh so many times.

Minimal walking makes these the comfiest if not worn with proper socks. A nice pair of semi-thick, medium length socks are the perfect match to make these not hurt throughout their wear.

This is totally not images from another day because I forgot to take pics in this piece 😅 el oh el. BUT this hoodie here, absolute comfort! If only it had a set of pockets...would be perfection

Try-on shenanigans

If you've not yet shopped with ASOS, I definitely recommend it. Not only did they have a plethora of adorably stylish clothing and accessories to choose from, but the shipping was super fast. I also had a couple issues with my order that customer service was able to fix promptly. I even had ease with their return process! 10/10 do recommend 💖

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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