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What'd she buy now: Aliexpress 11/11 sale Edition

Hello lovely beings

As we know, Star is a SUCKER for sales. Aliexpress happens to hold an 11/11 sale annually, around the beginning of November through around the 11th. Majority of the merchants will offer their products at a slightly discounted price, as well as offer coupons that can be stacked on top of the already lowered price. I really wasn't expecting to buy much of anything, since I was only looking at the POP MART shop due to mom's deciding that she likes cute little vinyl figures now. I did also happened to find a handful of accessories to make winter styling feel extra cute lol.

The Gets

Pop Mart, apparently, has an official shop located on aliexpress. They have so many different excruciatingly adorable figures to choose from. I settled on getting two Dimoo lucky bags. One for me and one for moms. I thought they had the best chance of being the kind of figure she'd like, without me having to ruin the surprise by asking her. I also decided if we ended up not liking some of the ones we'd get, we could swap them with each other. In this particular lucky bag, you receive 4 different blind boxes, one badge, and one accessory, all chosen at random. Sadly, this was only available during the 11/11 sale, BUT PopMart does have other cute "lucky bags" available in their store.

It seems that I have succumb to the ear-of-the-bunny, and have accumulated quite the collection of bunny ear adorned things. Bunny ear hoodie, bunny ear headbands, bunny ear velcro bottom hats, but no bunny ear beanie! Though it's a bit smaller with the fro out, I think this will still be a fricken adorable accessory for the coming cold season. The color should also match nicely with a good bit of my current wardrobe.

First of all, *squeal*. I think I went on the hunt for this specific angel winged bag, after seeing the gosh darn adorable bbyexcellent sporting it in many of their fashion posts. I don't know if their outfits made it look extra cute, but I'm so excited to pair it with some cute outfits of my own. I know the pocket seems small, but it fits just what I need for a regular little outing. Identification, wallet, airpods, stones of choice, and house keys!

Okay, so this cute-cute-cutie has actually been sitting in my aliexpress cart for about a year now. I think what took me so long to pull the trigger on this one is because I couldn't figure out which color [beige, pastel pink, sky blue] I liked more. Beige seemed to be the best one to match with the rest of my closet, and was low in stock, so beige was of course the perfect color to go with 😂. Going off of the size chart, I picked a size M and it fit pretty perfectly. It also has one pocket, which is better than none. Though everything was purchased at the same time, I think this one was shipped out the quickest, and arrived first. Only issue was that there was a small stain on one of the bottom ruffles, which I hope comes off easily with a wash. Once again, sadly this color is no longer available. Luckily, the pastel pink and sky blue are both still available and just as cute.

All together now!

⬆️mom's gets lined up on her desk⬆️

Wouldn't super recommend this bunny hat for wearing with an out afro. I somehow thought it was going to be bigger from the pictures 😅. It is still very cute, and can be worn comfortably with low-top hairstyles. One semi-plus of the romper is it has one nicely sized pocket. The other side seems to only have enough space for the zipper.

I know not many people have trust in aliexpress and it's products. I try to just read through the reviews, and base my shopping decisions off of which have the best and the most. Each store is pretty quick to fix any problems you have, not that I have had very many issues with the service, in general. The only thing I would say, is to be cautious of buying big name branded items with there being many many fakes out there! As long as you're a wee bit cautious, I do believe you could still have a delightful experience!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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