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-Welcome to my World-

Updated: Nov 15

Wherever you may be in this here universe, I welcome you into a glimpse of mine. I hope to use this space to share whatever I so feel whenever I so feel. Whether it be rambling about my interests, reviewing goodies, or just spreading joy. All in all, I hope you enjoy taking this little journey with me.

Who is Starfish?

My parent-given name is Ashley, but I much prefer to be addressed as Starfish/Star. Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually an octomaid named Starfish. If you're unsure what an octomaid is, think Ursula but with "good guy" genes stuffed in there. I'm not over here trying to steal anyone's voice so I can become the Queen of Atlantis or anything. Just trying to spread some kind of joy and positivity to those who want to accept it.

I entered this world in the year '92, and try to ensure I nurture my inner child on the regular. I highly enjoy games from my youngion days, collecting toys or other things I find disgustingly adorable, and trying out new cuisines I can get my hands on.

I'm a lover of smiling, laughing, and trying to stay as positive as possibly. A certified Goofy Goober, with a minor in Dance Therapy. A firm believer that anyone choosing to live their own lives happily, without hurting others emotionally or physically, are living right.

The not so positive side of little 'ol me has various forms of anxieties, traumas, and depression. I'm hoping this space will help me to overcome mine, while attempting to help others overcome similar things they may be going through.

Enjoy this day + the year ahead.

You've got this!

-Thank you for reading-

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