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Week Of: September 4-10

Updated: Oct 18, 2022


Back for another shift at retail purgatory during a "holiday" I might add. Luckily for me the day wasn't too too bad, though I think something in my store is making my skin back allergic and irate....yay dermatitis ✨


Thus dubbed Labor Day, which meant I got to be off at my full-time job....and roll up to my wee hearts content 🎊🙌🏼🎊


My heart dropped me off at work and assisted me in acquiring my green fuel, a.k.a Matcha with a side of pumpkin spice donut.


Trying to successfully make it through the to the end of ze week. Full time gig is seasonal, and a chica can't work slow enough to make the work that's left last a full 8 hrs.


Accompanying my precious bean to the Mick Foley meet and greet and Plastic Empire. [I did in fact get a wee bit anxious and ended up waiting in the car, but PB had a more than delightful experience ⬅️ The true mission]

Side Mission: 💸 Spend that Adult Money 💸

Mozzarella TokiDoki Funko Pop

Sandy TokiDoki Funko Pop

Kuromi Sanrio Funko Pop

Gloomy Bear Mori Chack Funko Pop [FLOCKED!!!]

NECA Pans Labyrinth Old Faun

Banpresto Chronicle Deku 😍

IT "You'll Float Too" Cropped tee


Super omega lazy day, filled with gobs of relaxing waves of nothingness. Responsibilities, none! I did whip out the blue-light specks though, due to random migraines. Helped immediately.

Sunday Preview

I feel as though a well deserved lap dance

is in my very near future...WHO DAT!!🏈⚜️✨

✨Thank you for reading✨


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