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Week of: September 11-17

Updated: Oct 18, 2022


It does not matter where one is physically from. It matters where one's soul is from, and mine is from Louisiana with the rest of my family cod flabbit! Which is me prefacing my Saints winning against the Falcons this passed Sunday. I don't really care about football, but the strength that people put behind the Saints x Falcons rivalry makes me at least want to pay attention to us [Saints] winning 😂.

Monday - Thursday

The whole week was a blur to be quite honest. Other than my partner's sister's birthday being on Wednesday and regularly scheduled work, not much else happened.


Dunkiiiiin [Lil Dude goes to Dunkin miniblog] I'm addicted to their hot matcha lattes, but they haven't been hitting as of late. They've been tasting like they ignore my request for nondairy milk 😓, which throws off the whole perfect sip vibe I'm expecting. The upside is I literally put 3 different humans on to the yumminess that is their pumpkin spice donut! I spent the rest of the evening spending time with my partner. We're almost fully caught up on our Attack on Titan marathon. They'd only finished season one, and getting to experience their shock with every episode is some kind of delicious 😂!


Celebrate good times, Come ON!

We ventured to a local bar that has Karaoke to celebrate sister's birthday. Before we get to karaoke, we spent some time store hopping to get ready for the celebration. We stopped at a couple collector's stores too, mainly due to Batman Day sales. Did you know there was a day dedicated to Batman, every year? I sure didn't, but that didn't stop me from leaning into the holiday and picking up some batman related collectible bits. The evening brought along many a drunk singer on the karaoke mic. It was adorably comical to say the least. My partner got to sing too. He has thee most delightful voice, and signed up to sign Times Like These by the FooFighters. My level of social anxiety only allowed me to be there as support. If I ever end up doing Karaoke, it will most likely be in a closed private room type set up 😅.

Gathering good energy to bring into the days ahead.

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