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Week of: October 17-23

Hello lovely beings

Though October is coming to a close, the amount of fun it has left to offer is not!

All of my drag crushes are responding to my interactions on their social media. My partner got to perform his music on a live stream show. I got to experience the Gorillaz [and Earth Gang] in concert with my partner and his sister. I'm getting closer and closer to having the most comfy of safe havens [my room]. I pulled some pretty adorable pokemon from the Trick or Trade booster pack. Getting back into anime, and being warmly welcomed by Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man. Halloween costume pieces are slowly, but surely coming in. No lack of delicious foods to eat, both store bought and home made. Cutest of cute spooptober art pieces on IG. I can only imaging what the remainder of October has in store for us.

✨ Thank you for reading✨


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