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Week of: October 9-16

Hello lovely beings

This month is surely flying by. How are we already halfway through spooky season already?!

The season couldn't be complete without noshing on some spoopy themed treats. Not only have I completely fallen for the pumpkin spiced donuts Dunkin' has, but I now know that I love their Dunk-O-Lantern donut too. It's just enough sweetness to hit the spot when I get that certain craving. You already know I had to partner mine with a hot Matcha Latte, of course.

This past week has brought on its fair share of silliness. I have never once seen a helmet in the shape of a snapback before this year, this month. I feel like it's somehow an Atlanta thing that this thing even exists. How can that thing really protect a noggin from a fall? Speaking of noggins, it looks like my lil black bonnet is a head-piece favorite this month.

Who remembers Little Bear? I did, and almost added that wee dollar priced figure to my collection. I walked around with him and his mega magnifying glass, and decided to put him back on the shelf I found him 😅. Also stumbled upon some hilariously janky "knock-off" Squid Game pops that were selling for pop price at the local antique mall. They even took the time out to customize the display boxes. It's safe to say they don't have a place in my collection. Don't even try to ask me what's going on with Broly over there [that is Broly right?].

My Orion Sun merch finally made it in! Including a sealed Hold Space for Me CD. I can't decide whether I want to open it or keep it looking all fresh and pristine. I'm already using the pin as one of the ornaments for my lil desk Christmas tree for the holiday season. Had to re-win a lil plush octopus at Stars-and-Strikes, due to my mom's pupper claiming the first one I came home with. You can bet she tried to steal this one too, even though I was showing her she had the same one!

Did you know Burger King had a new Ghost Pepper Whopper? I don't know when they released it, but I got myself one to try. Crispy jalapenos, spicy queso, and ghost pepper jack cheese. What more could you want? The spice was just right, and whatever seasonings they used with it made for quite the yummy burger. I also got to finally settle down and watch Entergaqalactic on Netflix. The art was beautiful, while the story was a cute little take on a modern romance. I spent the down time to also bag and board some of the Parasyte comics for my Adult Child Trick-or-Treat Baggie Giveaway//Raffle for this month.

Have you seen stickers glow so vibrantly?! I think I found these bad boys at Wally World. Corporate America really popped off with these. Hopefully last week we were all able to acquire the proper cheat codes to get us through the one ahead, in the most delightful of moods.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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