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Two Weeks In

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Though Feb started a wee bit rocky for me, I've stayed with being on the up and up positivity wise. Now that the holiday season is over for the retail world, work hours have already been cut and less money showing up on checks. I usually stress about financial stability, but Im deciding that's not something I'm going to place much weight on anymore. Not going to lie, I have been doing a wee bit of retail therapy but only when amazing deals have been found.

  • With the welcoming of a new roommate, there is also an added doggo in the household. I'm a pupper person, so I'm living for this new addition. He's so loving 🥲.

  • Tried out these new sour worms I came across from the Project 7 brand. A little tough, but still good and even pulled out this wild looking loop-di-loop one.

  • I took some time to do a tiny bit of decluttering, and found this too true quote in an old journal ✨

  • Finally found switch play time, and spent a little bit of it visiting friends and having them see my little rink dink city. It's a process 😅


Chat Patti

Veggie Thali Deluxe + Dongal Dosa

Genki Sushi & Noodles

Island Roll + Super Crunch Roll + Yasai Vegetarian + Vegetable Tempura Roll

Hyderabad House

Baby Corn Manchurian [xtra spicy] + Vegetable Kofta Biriyani

Kale Me Crazy

I'd never gone, even with one being so close to home. I had a wrap which was okay. I may go back and try a smoothie next time.

Breakfast and Leftovers

I'm addicted to making these egg+avocado+veggie toast combos for breakfast every morning. They're quick enough to make, a healthier option, and dang delicious. They come in handy every time I make a pack and go meal for Habibi's breakfast or take along noms. I also ordered from Hyderabad House so much already this month. Which is okay since they stuff those boxes with enough food for the leftovers to last multiple days.


  • Euphoria S2 E4+5

  • Raising Dion S2

  • Attack on Titan S4 E19+20

From the 'Gram


Thank you for reading


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