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TTDEYE Haul + Review

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

With the coming of getting back into cosplay, I've also gotten back into the art of wanting to wear costume contacts. With having had lasik done, I was very skeptical about being able to wear colored contacts again. Luckily, google gave me the answer saying that I could has long I chose ones that are as safe as possible. Which led me back to google to find TTDEYE.

First of all, the ordering process was easy to do and my items came in a timely manner. I absolutely adore the amount of attention they put into their packaging. Having the helpful add-ons included in my purchase made the box that much more exciting to open up. Here's a little "excited Starfish" unboxing video, and mini close-ups of the contacts .

Out of the contacts I purchased, this is the pair I've worn so far. They're quite comfortable and were easy enough to put in with my many year hiatus of not wearing them.

Like I stated previously, I've only tried on the Crystal Blue pair since I was using them for a cosplay. I don't want to wear my eyes out with trying them all on one after the other just yet. My eyes are quite brown. Even though this isn't the clearest image, this particular hue does a good job of hiding the fact that I have natural brown eyes hidden underneath. I will continue using TTDEYE for future cosplays or if I'm just buying contacts for fun, and would recommend them as a site for others looking for safe and reputable contacts.

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