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Throwback Thursday [photodump]

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hello lovely beings

Have you ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon an old platform you used to use? A platform where you could upload pictures, meaning there may be very old and possibly embarrassing images of a younger you living on said platform? Well I most definitely have. That platform being Deviantart, and me being an aspiring photographer and my own model😂. Here's a peek back in time to a 20 somethings Starfish. Enjoy 😅✨ .

Some photo challenge I was doing on Deviantart [[[laughing side face]]], most likely had to do with being kawaii lol.

Calling myself modeling for one of my college acquaintance's t-shirt line. Look at those dyed bangs 😂

During my Udoli phase 😅 I was really drawn to all things cute/kawaii. When I found out African women had their own version, I was absolutely amazed.

She was a decora fanatic during early con-going days

Some transitional goodness from early days in College.

Thank you for taking the time to accompany me on a mini trip down memory lane lol!

✨ Thank you for reading✨


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