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This March🍀

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I watched

Righteous Gemstones

I was skeptical about watching this one, but once I did I was HOOKED. A wild dark comedic adventure, depicting the inner workings of a televangelist family that run an extremely successful chain of constantly expanding churches. Did I mention it was wild? You'll laugh, you'll cringe, and maybe even recognize some pastors within these characters.


Hello, but also like what the f*ck. A modern woman attempting to peruse the dating world. After many a poo-poo date, she allows a man at the supermarket to have her number. If only she knew his real intentions. I am so very delighted that I am not one with the dating world at the moment because absolutely what the f*ck. It's already terrifying enough thinking you could never truly know the person you've fallen for. I will say that the lead protagonist makes some not super smart decisions early on. The antagonist is a -m a n i a c-.

Kotaro Lives Alone

My heart 🥺. The premise of this show is a wee bit farfetched, but that's just based off the culture I grew up with. A four-year-old Japanese boy is made to live on his own in an apartment community, due to turmoil with his parents. You get an outlook on how he survives his day to day with no legal guardian, and with only the knowledge he's seemingly learned through his trauma. Luckily for him, there are some decent people living in the same complex to help. It would also seem that Kotaro plays a big part in helping the other tenants with working through their own traumas. Seriously a tear-jerker, but lined with bits of comedy. There's also apparently a live action version.

Turning Red

Can I just say.....this was the most beautifully done Pixar movie to date! I appreciate part of puberty being depicted in an adorable way like this. With it also giving insight into the struggles of being a tween and thinking you have to make a choice of making your parents proud or being able to live your best young life. Oh, and there is no lack of comedy. I laughed out loud on multiple occasions!

Thermae Romae Novae

The most adorable anime, low key teaching you about bathhouse culture in ancient Rome and modern day Japan. There are also little pockets of good moral wisdom thrown in from time to time. Lucius Modestus, an ancient Roman architect, finds himself job-hunting due to having trouble coming up with new ideas. As his demeanor and personality become dismal, his friends try taking him to a bathhouse for him to relax. Unable to unwind in the bustling and crowded bath, Lucius dips his head in the water. Down there, he finds a secret tunnel that transports him to a modern-day Japanese bathhouse, providing him the inspiration he needed to make a new creation. I've only just started it for this month, so I haven't finished it just yet. There's also apparently a live action version to watch.

I listened

I bought

💸 No Fear x Hm clothing set

I also picked up the sports bra in white and an oversized sweater.

All on sale and oh so comfy!!

💸 Joah Heal Me Cica Spot Patch

💸 OrganiGrowHairCo products

I loved

💗 Being introduced to MyBodyGraph by a coworker and coming to understand it and how it helps me to understand me. If you're into graphs, charts, zodiac knowledge and how it affects self, I'd highly recommend doing your own body graph [or human design].

💗 Getting to take $10 off my purchase at the local Crystal Store because I'm a member and finally racked up enough points, making my total go from $45 to $35 ✨ I was also buying a book for a co-worker so it was like the universe patted me on the back for a R.A.K

💗 Welcoming Black Moonstone, and Arfvesdonite into my life without fully knowing I needed them. I literally allowed to pick me, not knowing the properties would be just what I needed assistance with.

💗 Food. Food. Food. March was filled with revisiting favorite food spots, and trying out new ones 🤤

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