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That Adult Money - New Comics Haul 🎃

Hello Lovely Beings

Apparently how my money feels in my pockets, if there's even a mention of visiting a comic book store. It's really not too helpful that the shops I now frequent are located near other kinds of stores I want to go into. Toys stores, collectibles, malls. How do you expect me to keep money in my pockets as the Adult-Child that I am 🥲? I legitimately walked into the store saying there was nothing new I needed....and immediately picked up volume three of Alice in the Borderland 🥲.

Whether or not I walked up on that manga off rip, I knew deep down in my honest soul that I was going to end up picking out two or three comics that I'd had my eye on. Little did I know, three would turn into 12, and a fat stack of Trick-or-Read Parasyte comics and a buttload of other bits for my Adult-Child Trick-or-Treat Baggie Giveaway.

🥲 The Comic Haul 🥲

Chicken Devils, Dark Ride, Briar, Refrigetor full of Heads, Home Sick Pilots, Evil Ernie, Marvel Zombies Reseurrection, Halloween Party, Badlam, Unnatural, Edgar Allen Poe's Haunt of Horror.

Let me explain lol! Okay, so Dr. No's posted a story with their new comic drops, and I saw this here Chicken Devils. Deep down, I am a lover of nonsense. I absolutely had to get myself a copy to see the contents within! Dark ride I'd seen while perusing Golden Apple Comics, and was also another suggestion on Dr No's instagram. Might as well cop that one too. Briar was given to me by my partner. I like the cover art, but I don't think the plot is one for someone like me. I'm still going to give it a chance and an honest read, though.

Since I finished one and two of Refrigerator Full of Heads, I might as well pick up three and four to continue on the journey. Home Sick Pilots was on the one dollar special rack. This cool color themed cover, paired with it's vague spookiness drew me right in. After looking it up and flipping through the comic, I'm not sure if it'll end up being as spooky as I initially thought lol. We shall see! Unnatural is what I'm assuming is going to be my newest guilty pleasure. Tip-toeing in the furry community via adorably sensual artwork, if you will. This issue one was gifted to me by my partner. He wasn't aware of the storyline at all, and just remembered it was one of the ones I wanted 😈. The other five were picked up based off of being next in my current collection's line up...or looking like spooky content based off the cute/cool cover.

By stumbling upon this here Golden Apple Comics website, I was able to find some number ones I really needed and some feed my new found Peach Momoko adoraton. These are the first eight in my first order and will be on the way a little bit after I Hate Fairyland #2 drops.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨



Dope af Spawn #14 cover I magically

picked out for my partner's collection

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