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That Adult Money: Hello Kitty and Friends Squish'ums

Hello lovely beings

While Japan is celebrating the cuteness that is Kuromi with #Kuromifytheworld, and her birthday being on Halloween, why not show my love for Kuromi through cute collectibles in squish form!?

You may ask yourself how could this little box possibly have caught Star's eye with enough interest to buy one? I think how the display was positioned, I could see Kuromi peeking out at me from the side. There was no way I could possibly keep myself walking on by! Especially with it being KuromifytheWorld time!

The #KuromifytheWorld project:

"By spreading Kuromi’s message,

and connecting with Kuromi, we’re sure to increase the number of KUROMIES,

all with the same goal of becoming the best version of themselves."

The best way for me to celebrate in my area, was to purchase this blind box in hopes to acquire a squishy little Kuromi of my own.

Luckily for me, the teeny little holes on the tops and bottoms of the blind boxes can be peered into. Which made it easier for me to figure out which box could be hiding a Kuromi. I literally stood there and peeked in each and every box. Look at all that visible black! I just knew that if it ended up picking Pochacco...I was going to throw it away 😂.

Welcome Kuromi!!

It was most certainly meant to be. She's super adorable, well made, well painted. I cannot complain one bit. The squish is so smooth and comforting. Even the little ears on her hood go squish! I wouldn't mind pulling Pom Pom Purin if I end up buying these again. Already have a mission to get a matching Kuromi squish for mom's collection too!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨

If you're a fan of the HK&Friends blind Squish, I found my little box at my local Target. Hope you're having and amazing halloween and having fun celebrating Kuromi too!

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