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That Adult Money: Delicious in Dungeon

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

Recently, I've joined in on watching Delicious in Dungeon and It's safe to say I absolutely love it! I'm usually not a fan of period pieces, or mythical heavy series, BUT the story-line has kept my full interest so far. The added dungeon-friendly recipes scattered about only make it that much better!

"After a failed dungeon raid that resulted in his younger sister being eaten by a dragon, Laios and the remaining members of his party, Marcille and Chilchuck, set out to rescue her from being digested by the dragon. Having lost most of their supplies in the raid, the group are unable to afford rations, so they make the unusual decision to source all their food from inside the dungeon... including eating monsters! Fortunately, an odd dwarf named Senshi is willing to help them by showing them how to cook the various monsters in the dungeon."

After watching about 5 or 6 episodes, I took to the interwebs to support it's creation in the best way I know how...scoping out cute AF fanart/merch by purchasing it! Luckily I had a local anime convention coming up, but also used etsy, and instagram to help find some not so local artists to support.


Links [L to R]: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

-Anime~Con Finds-

[Momocon 2024]

Though I haven't used too many of the stickers just yet, every keychain and pin are placed on some item I use daily lol!

✨ Thank you for reading✨


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