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Steel Collectibles [experience + mini haul]

Hello lovely beings

I recently took the recommendation that is the tiktok algorithm, and paid a visit to a collectible spot I've yet to step foot in, Steel Collectibles.

Once inside, you're immediately met with walls on walls of collectible toys and retro games. There's an area of comics tucked away over to the side, when you first walk in. The store itself is not that spacious, so claustrophobics beware. If there aren't too many other humans shopping along with you, the store can be easy enough to navigate.

I only had enough energy to flip through the boxed comics, and am leaving thumbing through the drawers for a future visit. They had a pretty interesting collection of comics, in my opinion. Here are some goodies I decided not to get, but still found cool. Tank Girl would have made it home if she were a #1. Got to stick to my rules, or my collecting would be absolute mayhem lol!

✨ The Picks ✨

  1. Jeepers Creepers #1

  2. The Grave Diggers Union #1

  3. Doggy from Midnight Gospel Sticker

  4. Open mouth Kuromi sticker

  5. Coin machine Pokemon sticker

My total came to $11.11. Mighty magical if I do say so myself.

-Conclusive Feels-

Don't get me wrong, this is an interesting place with a wide array of cool things for someone like myself to find joy in looking at. They also seem to have great rapport with the customers that came in, and seemed like they visit this collector's shop often. With that said, I did not have the most customer friendly experience as a first time visitor.

I finished picking out my goodies and was standing in what I thought was the line, only to find out it was some random guy talking about how they didn't have any specific gamecube games he was looking for. Even after he scooted over, the other non-customers that lingered at the counter made me stay invisible to the people working behind the register. Once someone did finally notice me, finalizing the transaction process was smooth enough that I'm not too deterred from visiting again in the future.

They do seem to have a small online commerce presence on their website, where you can look through a small portion of their catalogue. You can even place orders online. I think venturing inside is the best bet for seeing all that the goods that Steel Collectibles has to offer. Especially if you're wanting to look for comics. It looks like they might have 5 at most.

If you want to check out Steel Collectibles for yourself, you can find them located in Kennesaw, GA. Make sure to plan visits for Tuesdays through Sundays [closed on Mondays], between the hours of 1-7pm [6pm on Sundays].

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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