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Starfish in Pueblo, Colorado

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Vacation Time: August 26 - 29

Starfish has found herself back to the lovely recreationally legal state of Colorado. It was high time [pun fully intended] for another short sweet weekend trip. Instead of visiting Colorado Springs for a third time, I decided that we should have an experience that was new for both me and my traveling companion. This time we ventured to the city of Pueblo. This time, I had the delight of bringing my partner along with me.

DAY ONE - Flight

We started our journey with two flights, and about an hour and a half uber ride just to make it to Pueblo. We flew into Denver first, then had a mini flight into Colorado Springs. My partner was initially frightened of having to be on the plane, but he ended up handling it decently by the time we made it to Denver. He was an absolute pro by the second flight. Once we landed, we headed on over to our airbnb to put our bags down. Then, of course, made our way right to our first dispensary! Maggie's Farm East - where we had the delight of being served by our budtender, Kari!

NIGHT ONE - Maggie's Farm East

Though Maggie's Farm isn't amongst the cheapest of dispensaries, it was a good one to start at. My partner hadn't been to a dispensary before, so our budtender made sure to explain everything and answer any questions we may have had. We ended up getting a couple different strains of flower, some pre-rolls, a disposable pen, some shatter, and a terp pen to use with any concentrates we picked up. I also picked up a couple wraps for rolling, though I later figured out that they were a waste lol. We had so many other things that I really never needed to roll anything up 😅 We made it back to our airbnb, got comfy, and started trying out the different bits we picked.

DAY TWO -Dispensary hopping heaven!!!

We knocked three different ones out in one day, while still finding good time to make a pit stop at a local comic book shop - Outer Limits Comicbooks and Collectibles!! My partner was very excited that visiting a comic book shop was in the itinerary for the day. He ended up making a great trade with the owner for a couple comics he'd brought along specifically for that purpose. He walked out with a Batman #89. It was graded at with a 9.8, and is the first appearance of Punchline....I know that means something to somebody 😂. The dispensary list: The Spot, Terps Dispensary, Rocky Mountain Blaze. My personal favorites were Terps and Rocky Mountain Blaze. Both had just about the best prices on products, with Rocky Mountain having the best selection. The most enjoyable budtenders were probably Terps, Maggie's, and Rocky Mountain. Each one was extremely personable, helpful, and kept us both in good spirits.

NIGHT TWO - Relaxation Station with a side of Attack on Titan

We made some spicy shrimp quesadillas, tried a handful of the goodies we purchased, and binged as much AOT as we could before knocking tf out.

DAY THREE - Flight Home

Energy vampires stole my will in my sleep, and I was in moodsville upon waking on Sunday. Luckily for me, my companion is a champ and handled senorita mood swings with grace. We started our journey back home early early. I have "time anxiety", and decided that the hour drive and two flights needed to be started as early as possible. Which was meaningless as all of our flights kept getting pushed back anyways due to weather and whatnot. Better safe than sorry though. It gave us time to relax while already being checked in. We made it back to my side of town around 3am 😳.

Would she visit Colorado again? Most definitely! I'm finding the cities I've visited being populated with just the right amount of other humans. I personally haven't had any real problems with being a minority traveling, nor have I been made to feel uncomfortable in any situations [knocks on wood]. We were excited for the recreational fun this time around. Colorado is a beautiful state in itself. Next visit, I'll have to add more of the touristy things to do!

✨ Thank you for reading✨


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