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Star's First Comic Box

Hello lovely beings

Now that my life has led me down the path of collecting cod-flabbing comic books, I've got to house them right? Which has led a young Starfish down the path of perusing Amazon's wares for a proper comic habitat.

I know there are plenty of decorated boxes to choose from. Ranging from sturdy, hero adorned cardboard to weather resistant materials, making my gray seem a bit on the bland side. I wanted to make sure that I was picking something I could see fitting cutely in my room amongst my other bits, but still be able to protect my treasures within. With this box's material, I think I would still be able to add pins buttons or even certain stickers if I felt it wasn't festive enough in the future. Now to stuff it!

The problem with finally giving my comics somewhere to live is now that my box isn't full....I want more 🥲. Soon I will have my first fully filled comic box, and be well on my way to figuring out which one I'd even want next. I've already decided that I'll most likely need a separate one solely for the "bought because of gorgeous covers" ones 😅. Before that, she already knows she needs to invest in bags and boards for the current nakie few.

✨ Thank you for reading + watching ✨


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