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Spotify Playlist - Instagram Stories ✨

Hello lovely beings

It has come to my attention that my taste in music is much appreciated, and I have been requested to share a little something something. Now, I did attempt to do a weekly playlist of songs that would catch my interest every week, but I slowly fell off of sticking to a schedule. Here is at least 3 hours of calm, yet upbeat tunes for your ears' enjoyment! Songs will be added periodically, so following the playlist is the best bet.

I'm usually sharing helpful reminders and silly things to my stories, so I do go back and replay them after I post them for the day. Background music personally helps make the experience more pleasing to my senses. Doing a master playlist of any song I add to my IG stories is how I'm hoping to make sure I keep up with it in the future [lol]. Enjoy!

✨ Thank you for reading + listening ✨


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