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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

-Hello lovely beings-

Back from a bit of an involuntary hiatus filled with many forms of recovery. If you keep up to date with me on instagram, you've already been here for majority of my healing journey.

In late April, a chica was overcome with stress from many different areas of my life. I was in a relationship that was proving to be no good for me, trying to find places to move to in this current housing market [🗑], and even developed severe stress induced dermatitis with an added eczema flare up that focused on my hands. You know, the things I use to do most of my work?

I ended up partially moving back in with my mother, since I was hardly able to do things for myself due to the pressure and pains my hands were producing. Even though I was feeling like real crud for a good bit of the recovery phase, the universe still found time to show me life really isn't poop. As long as I found some way to feel positive, then positivity would find it's way right back to me.

I had a delightful transition into my 30th year [feeling so much love from family and friends], recovered enough to start back working at both of my jobs, giving my time to beings who seems to care for my heart, cycled out my wardrobe, and am even in the process of moving into a better living environment✨✨.

May our Augusts be filled with tons of joy, fun, financial advancement, and personal growth. Good things are on their way ✨

-Thank you for reading-


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