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Seven Things: 2/52 ✨

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Hello lovely beings

Photo Dump

Comics Read

- Aggretsuko Out to Lunch vol. 1

- A Town Called Terror vol. 1

- Lovesick vol. 1-3 [hooked]

- Happy Horror Days vol. 1 [big meh]

- Art Brute vol. 1 [interesting]

- Knock Em Dead vol. 1 [hooked]

- Grim vol. 1

- I Hate Fairyland vol. 1 [does not tickle my fancy]

- All Against All vol. 1 [hooked]

- David Byrne's Cancelled

- F*ck This Place vol. 1-2

- Nice House on the Lake vol. 9-12 [amazing!!! Need more!]

- Dark Ride vol. 4 [am hooked]


I stayed in for majority of the week, other than going to ACC with my partner, and visiting Plastic Empire to get a discounted Spinner pop ✨



The in depth chokehold that My Hero has on me right now... To be honest, I've always been here....the grip just gets tighter with each passing episode! I now have 40 of the 118 My Hero Academia funko pops I think I actually want 😅. Also, stumbling on Rainbow Therapi has added pressure to whatever chokehold handmade art has on me. THE EYES! The eyes make me want all the merch! I now have a need for a commissioned piece of my son [deku] in Dove's style!


Speaking of My Hero.... this latest episode though!!?!?! If you thought you were stressed during the last fight, JUST YOU WAIT! Can't even take a moment to fricken breathe! I've also been forcing [he's accepting!] my partner to get caught up with Attack on Titan since our first part of the new season on our horizons. Trying to get mom to watch it too 😂! Other than that, I've been binging the heck out of Below Deck 😂. It feeds my dreams of working as a Steward on a yacht, and pretending I'm getting tipped 1200+ for one job.

Life Stuff

Mom's now on her third juicer, trying to find the perfect one. I think the brand is Siefene? She says it's much less violent than the others. It's fun watching her get excitement out of juicing all the things, and hearing what new recipes she's learned about. I'm excited to see what concoctions she comes up with!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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