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Seven Things: 1/52 ✨

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Hello lovely beings

Photo Dump

New Year, new adventures!


The east so far have been sushi with my partner at Sushi Bros in Woodstock, Korean BBQ with my mom at Iron Age in Buckhead, and many a delicious homemade goodie put together as well. Can't forget a tasty daily smoothie. Mom likes to change her diet to a vegan diet for the most part of the new year. She's already started with switching up her diet, and I should be joining right behind her shortly! I, of course, had to finish the last boiled egg we had in the fridge first.


Comics/Comic Shops

Comics Read: Jan 1-7

- Night Club vol. 1

- Door to Door - Night by Night vol. 2

- Once Upon a Time at the End of the World vol. 1-2

- Nice House on the Lake vol. 1-7

- SIKTC TP vol. 1

- The Conjuring: The Lovers vol. 2

- It's Only Teenage Wasteland vol. 2

- Refrigerator Full of Heads vol. 6 [finally]

- The Approach vol. 2-3

- Gangster Ass Barista vol. 1

- Pentagram of Horror vol. 1-2

- Dark Ride vol. 2-3

- The Me You Love in the Dark TP

- Year Zero vol. 1-3

- Ten Thousand Black Feathers vol. 1

Did I finish the stack I initially planned to? Almost 😅 lol! I think I had about 12 comics remaining, BUT to be fair I added in a good bit too due to my reading moods changing. I think we can agree that I was ultra super close enough ✨ Nice House on the Lake has been such a delightful series to finally read. This series has been quite successful of fully keeping my attention with every issue.

2023 Good Reads Reading Challenge

I'm trying to read at least 33 books, and yes I'm including comics in my reading [usually if I finish the whole series]! Follow me here, or create an account to start the reading challenge for yourself!

Good Anime

Oh boy, a chica is FINALLY caught up with watching My Hero Academia! Well, I do still have to get the movies watched, but it's safe to say that both mother and I are still highly enjoying the series 😅! I also signed up for vrv so that mother could continue watching and catching up in English, since she prefers to not have to read subtitles lol.

I also gave some time to rewatching Space Dandy. I loved it as a lil chica, and there's now a whole season 2, and a season 3 in the works for me to enjoy! I attempted to start watching HunterXHunter and One Punch Man....but failed 😅. I'm not giving up on them just yet, though!

What's Ahead

We all know that I want to travel, and have more experiences with the coming days. So far, I have been mentally planning a good bit of trips. One back to Colorado for sure, a stay-cation for Wrestle Mania [how do you feel about Saudi Arabia now owning WWE o.o], and at least one anime convention are currently on the list. There are some enticing concerts coming in April, but I still have plenty of time to pick which ones I truly want to go to!

I hope that 2023 has been both warmly welcoming of each of you, and that the first week has been a smooth enough ride for us all so far.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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