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Savage x Fenty + Romwe Try-on Haul

✨Hello lovely beings✨

I've decided to give Winter-Fairy-Y2K-Cutie a try, which means I had to add some new pieces to the wardrobe to make sure I can make it happen! Two bits were from SavageXFenty, and all others were picked out from Romwe. Enjoy ✨

Size: S

More grey in person than pictured. Even though it's a lil tight, it's still not a bad fit. There's a built in bra, so no need to wear one that may be seen through the cut outs. It's also pretty thick, so warm enough to wear in or outside!

Size: S

I'm 5'2, but the small is still a bit long for lil 'ol me. There's some bunching by the crotch area, but the comfiness of the jumpsuit allows me to look past that 😅. Perfect for layering or worn all by itsself.

Size: S [4]

Look at how adorable these damn bloomers are!! They're even more adorable on 🥹! The color is a bit more bright than I usually go for, but I'm excited at the possibilities this piece might have in the cute outfit department. Definitely made me want to get more! The an obstacle course, but still cute once on. Though it feels like there are so many strings, it does get easier to understand where they should go the more you look at it, lol! Now the legwarmers are perfect just the way they are! I've already used them for a couple different outfits, and they've been just the right addition to the outfit! They also help to keep my ankles nice and toasty. I hope I'll be able to find them in different colors too!

Size: top S[4] bottom M[6]

The skirt wasn't quite what I was expecting 😅. I thought it would have had more coverage, but alas I can see cheek through the ruffles like curtains lol! I want to try and style it into a cute outfit before I fully decide that it isn't meant for me lol....but so far I def feel naked lol! The cardigan *chef's kiss* is a beaut. I've already worn it around the house, and out on a couple dates. It's safe to say it's a 10/10, and yes, I want all the other colors they have available!

Size: M[6]

Now this right here, is a good skort! Once again, a piece I've already worn out. The coverage was perfect, and it was beyond cute to boot! The fabric is also nice and soft to the touch. I really don't have anything bad to say. Oh, wait! The bow in the front is not sewn on, so I thought it broke in the wash. You can actually just slide it right back in the front, no problem!

Favorite's of the bunch 🤔? I've been able to wear many of these pieces already, but I'd have to say the blue skort and the cardigan for sure! Oops, I can't forget the leg warmers too. It's hard to pick just one!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


✨Bonus Video✨

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