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J. Crew - Sale on Sale!

Updated: Jun 4

I'm not one to usually find something I like at J.Crew, but for some pre-Labor day fun I perused their reduced pieces due to them offering a "sale on sale" of an additional 30-50%. That was incentive enough for me to take a deeper peek into what they really have to offer.

I'm sure the face full of teeth (and the picture of later-said goodies) gives off the possibility that little 'ol me happily found some goodies. I ended up picking two different items, and spending a teensy bit over $65 ✨!

I made out like a thief! Found myself a nice long, medium-weight dress with a deep dark navy and white stripe,[that would be perfect for the cooler season] and a pair of Original Universal Teva sandals that I've had my eyes on, from other stores, for most of the year.


Shipping only took two days, from order placed to package arrival. Did I mention that shipping was also free? Mail service is wild these days!

I probably should have gotten one size larger in sandal, as they're a little snug 😅. As far as the dress, I could have gone a size down 😆. Both problems are an easy fix if exchanging them aren't a possibility. I plan to accessorize the dress with a waist belt, and just loosen the velcro on the Tevas. I do genuinely like the bits I ended up with, and may have to take a peek at J.Crew more often in the future.

Overall Rating:


-Thank you for Reading-

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